Social Evils

Social evils are the bad habits or activities that take root in the society and cause harm not only to the person who is involved in these activities but also the people who are related to him or live around him. Pakistan is a developing country characterized by rising poverty which is said to be the mother of all evils but apart from that there are social trends, customs, norms and practices are more harmful for the mankind than the poverty related issues. Let’s discuss both briefly: Poverty leads towards a gap between poor and rich and this gap get widen and the poor becomes poorer and rich, richer. This situation leads the poor people towards frustration and to get normal they harm their own self or sometimes society. Thus, this frustration leads the young people towards the addiction of drugs or crimes. They start smuggling, commit thefts to snatch their so called right and this leads towards societal insecurity and safety problems. People are killed and robbed and the concept of welfare state is destroyed. Moreover, pressure of rising inflation and the social inequality, where people see their fellow citizens using luxuries lead poor people toward the evil of bribery which is common feature of the public sector offices in Pakistan. This increases the greed of the people taking bribery and the whole machinery of the public administration get corrupted which is the case in Pakistan. The frustrated people seek refuge under the shelter of drugs and the healthy nation get close towards the doom of destruction. This situation is very much common in Pakistan where unemployment is on the peak and without reference or bribery the good jobs cannot be secured and the tired and frustrated educated representative of the young nation starts taking drugs. This story do not ends here. The children are abolished to go to school and are forced to work for their livelihood. The work conditions and wage rates for such children are shamefully worst. Yet they are forced to do the work like beasts. Due to poverty fathers cannot afford another social evil that is ‘Jahez’ and the poor daughter remains unmarried and sometimes commits suicide by taking poison or burning themselves and if unfortunately she gets married she has to live with taunts or her in laws kills her and simply say that “the stove get blasted”. Moreover, she is tortured for the doings she never committed in her life. The women have been the subjected to the social evils before the Islam was spread on the earth. The Arabs use to bury their daughter alive. But in case of Pakistan this tradition seems to be prevailing in other ways. ‘Karo Kari’ is an old tradition prevailing in the Sindh province of Pakistan according to which when a man and women are found suspected to have relations the tribal ‘Jurga’ may give the verdict to kill them both even if the suspected crime could not be proved, which is against the morality and humanity. Moreover, to secure the property for the male heirs the female heirs are forced to marry with The Holy Quran which is outrageous and neither Islam nor the law enforced in the country allows such doings. Apart from the explicitly seen evils of society, well published by the media, other behaviors of the people living in the society of Pakistan also can be considered as evil. There seems to be a change in the behaviors and actions of the people living here, which is making them selfish and greedy. A well known concept of individualism imported from western countries, which is me, me, me and only me behavior which indicates towards the behavior of people seeing themselves an individual not the part of wider society. It is only ones profit that matters even if it is for the cost of other’s life. Industrialists here in Pakistan do not take the necessary measures to dispose off the wastes of their plants because these measures are costly and let the airs and waters of the country pollute that affect on the health of people. In general nobody believes the concepts of right and wrong. We are losing our values where children do not have time for old parents or grandparents and the core values of honesty, tolerance, empathy and respect are being violated. In context of Pakistan, religious extremism has lead towards many problems people do not know the true spirit of Islam and commit unjustified acts like suicide bomb blasts and terrorist activities to destabilize the political and social environment of the country. Moreover, there are religious grouping like Shiyyah and Sunni who keep rowing each other. The main reason for such thing is mainly lack of education and political and social awareness. People do not know their rights and others powerful people exploit them. This situation is very much severe in the less developed and feudal controlled areas of Pakistan. The feudal lords intentionally restrict the development of their governed areas as to the basic facilities of education, infrastructure and utilities. Feudal lord is considered the owner of not only the lands of that area but also the life of people living under his vicinity. Then there are so called festivals and functions which do not relate to Pakistan as Basant and Mehndi. People spoil a lot of money on these occasions for nothing and cause harm for society. During the festival of Basant a lot of innocent people are killed or get injured. Mehndi creates the sense of inequality among the society. The key question is here to ask our self. Where are we going? Have any of us has contributed towards the eradication of these evils? But we don’t waste our time on such things and say it’s the responsibility of government. But, what’s our responsibility? To elect that government who do not listens to their people after they are elected? It is another social evil. Not taking the responsibility for our surroundings. When a business man is required to cope up with all environmental and social issue which we call his social responsibility why don’t we take initiatives to make a better Pakistan, to educate the people of Pakistan about their rights, values and their potential.


Harassament in Offices and How to Prevent That

TO ladies working in offices, harassment is a common word/situation. Some ladies may even call it Normal Office Practice. The blame of such undesired activity is shared between both parties, i.e. Males and Females. We will be looking at what is harassment, how it happens and how to ward it off in coming lines.

Harassment is a situation in which a female staff may be exploited by his male colleagues by WORDS (mimics, jeers and taunts) and ACTIONS (leg-pulling, blame game etc). Harassment may end in physical exploitation of ladies in the final stage.

So if you have understood what harassment is, let’s see why it happens!

We can never deny that a natural attraction exists between males and females. In honorable males, this emotion is controlled by family values and character. In most males, this emotion remains uncontrolled so they try to take unfair advantage of weaker-sex.

The second biggest reason is Make-ups ad See-Through/Tight dresses worn by ladies. Make-up can give you a graceful look and it can also give you a sex-appeal. In my experience, ladies choose to be more appealing than being graceful!

The third reason can be exposure of possible weakness by ladies. Ladies do not look brave and strong. E.g. they avoid eye-contacts and show panicked body movement. A weakness spotted by a cunning officer will be used against ladies in every case.

The fourth reason is giving too much feed-back. It is a laughter in response of an officer’s joke (where it should had been a smile and in ideal cases, no smile at all!), interfering in a discussion between two officers, listening to call for more than required time, sharing personal things with an officer you have not tested etc.

The fifth reason is trusting ladies only by ladies. Ladies have proven to be switchy in certain cases. If you trust them too much, they can spill out your secrets at a time of their convenience! So offices are not a place to befriend people. Offices are like jungles. Let’s see how!


The Lions are clever, senior, powerful and a bit evil officers. Lions are good workers/ fighters and often not interested in harassments. However, they are seen active in flirts. Bear in mind, flirt is first step to harassment. The lions know their job well so they can not be black-mailed or influenced. Lions are political and have contacts everywhere. Lions are present in every Office.

Can you spot lion in your Office?


Like Lions, every office has at least one jackal. They are sycophants (they praise lions very much!). Often they are slow or dumb workers but save their skins by their oily tongue. They are highly political and extremely dangerous. They will plot against you. They will make Lions your personal enemy. They are middle-rankers.


Rats are similar to jackal but are fundamentally distinguishable on the single fact that they are not in good books of lions. Rats make small plans with jackals to overthrow a middle-ranker. Rats NEVER plot against lions because they fear from them too much. Rats will be found complaining against nearly all staff members on their backs. Like jackals, rats are also dangerous! Rats are also present in every Office. Rats are always low-ranker. When they get promoted, they become jackals.

The eagles keep themselves to themselves. If they talk to you, they will make it very clear that they are not interested in you. If they wish to flirt but remain in control of their own self. They are always found alone. They are not a danger to any body. They will fight for their personal glory. They are found to take small advantages from their job. They are not present in every office but in most offices they are found. They have a good background and they really enjoy it. They do not believe in politics but make good net works of their own!


They are extremely rare in offices. The biggest feature of them is a sense of self-importance. They are religious from within their hearts so they will do anything for you. They will make your office your home and will make you their friend. They share and they teach. They are smileys and not a part of any political/flirtous/harassment activity. However they will tease you and do it till the last day!


Bigger Offices are bigger zoos. They host complete range of animals. Some are:


Long-necked as actual giraffes, they can see things from a distance. They are found bickering about something negative which is about to happen. They eventually become laughing stock for other officers. Giraffes can harass new comers about their career prospects!


 Too smart for their own good! Such officers take a certain pride in their physical beauty. They believe that their work is equally outstanding which is never the case. They are “give-away” crowd. The trick is to admire them in well-phrased language. They will attack on you only when you call them Ugly. They won’t be forgetting it too easily! They are a moderate danger to new comers only.


They are in essence like Rats but lack politics skills. The ants are also similar but more hard working than rodents. These animals cope with most of the work load handled by the Offices and are extremely clerk-minded. On certain occasion they will flatter some pretty girl (wow! See you are SAFE!) And do some flirt. Rodents and Ants are recognized good workers so never come in their way!


Officer tracked in menial tasks. They can not get rid of their assignment and are not qualified enough to get a new one. Due to load of small chores on their credit, management never takes them seriously. They develop liaison with rats and jackals. They can do anything to any body so they are dangerous.


Kings of their work-space. Good workers but keep themselves to their table/desk/cabin/floor only. No oily tongue and no impression making exercise. They are strong but not ambitious. Satisfied people! If befriended, they become a good friend of you. Otherwise they won’t even know you exist. They turn into lions sometimes!


Thinking caps! They use most of their time thinking what should be done and how it should be done. Philosopher type. If given a responsibility, they “prioritize” their jobs. Highly successful in good working conditions. Under stress story is different because they don’t find time to think and analyze. If some swan tries to harass you, it is possible you become a grandmother till finalizes his plans. Not a big threat then!

An opposite of swans. They are performers but not thinkers. Sikh Bhayya. They act before they think. In routine matters they are big hits. If some new situation arises, cheetah will ask for help from his junior swans and senior lions. Extremely dangerous if you want to avoid flirts. Usually cheetahs also become lion when promoted.

New comers and internees. Quite helpless and afraid of nearly everything. They have no idea how to make their presence announced. (No impression making techniques!) They are subjected to extreme exploitation by nearly every officer but a few will venture to help them. When Sheep and Goats get adjusted into an organization, they become an animal of their choice!

So 13 sorts of different animals you will face when you are a lady. Do NEVER think that males are not harassed. I can recount some very disgusting events in which my best friends and I were maltreated. For males this jungle is also very dangerous or I would more dangerous than ladies. Top management always believes in words said by females and it means…well, you can understand!


In the zoo of the above animals, one can be very safe if she tries the following simple things!

• Eye-contact is vital with a serious face. If an officer is talking too much, try narrowing of eyes and pressing of lips. It will give you a stony and very serious look.

• Do not show panicked and confused body movements. The best move is to go slow! Remain serious at all times so you will not lose control at any time.

• Pick an officer, test him/her and then trust him/her. Always watch out if he/she is betraying your trust. If you find a broken commitment, do not cry about it. Just come back slowly never showing your inner emotions! Always keep testing him/her with bits of your personal data.

• Use graceful make ups on. Do not apply too much of make up on your self. An extremely dangerous thing is to wear see-through/tights/short-sleeves. It will invite lions, jackals and rats. Even in that case, no dolphins will come and stop eagles to come!

• Do not show emotions at the spot. Delay your laughter while dealing with most officers till you get alone. Refrain from giving your personal opinions to anybody but the people you trust.


I hold an experience of 3 years in different offices and all that I have written is for your personal consumption only. Discuss it with as many people as you like before acting on any suggestions. I have written these lines as a duty to my younger generations. Promise me that when you will become an officer, you will be a DOLPHIN!


                                        Thanks to Mr. Saleem Haider, Accounts and Admin. Officer, Askri Bank for providing the artilcle