My Economics like dear,

I believe in the fact that you love me as Robbins Uncle believed in his theory of wants and needs. Your love is an assumptotic function which can never be zero and one day the curve of your love will rapidly grow and will make hockey shape curve like marginal cost curve because the supply curve of my love is horizontal at the time showing infinity, means its slope and rate of change is zero. You can trust me as gold standard money is trustable.

 Maybe, now, the graph of circumstances is showing my love as short run function, but I assure you that I shall provide appropriate circumstances to change it into long run function and shall produce the love according to your demand. I promise you that I will invest my love and it does not matter to me that how low your return rate is (see I can leave rational behavior for you) and if you would give me appropriate return for my investment of love, I will again invest that return because my MPI (marginal propienciety to invest) is equal to one at the moment and this is how we can, in the consequence of multiplier effect, produce love to infinity and we together can increase the love level in the economy to get equilibrium point of love in the economy and in the world. As you know that I am a big fan of Lord Keynes, so I want to apply it on macro level instead of micro and in this lies the existence of our economy and world.

 I have a dream that we both create perfect competition for lovers where the combination of lovers would be on the point where demand and supply curves o both would intersect. There would be monopoly of lovers in the market and barriers on the entry of rivals and they would have to bear the loss more than average fixed cost on entrance and they would have to exit.

 More than that I assure you that I will keep you happy because I am a rational person and keep in mind both cardinal and ordinal theories of utility maximization. I would, for you, increase my MPC (marginal propienciety to onsume) to one. I know that the rate of your love is of progressing nature, which increases with the increase in income, so, I have decided to increase my income through black marketing, smuggling, corruption, profiteering, and tax embezzlement and fraud to satisfy your demands.

 And before that my taste and habits change or I and other lovers make cartel and decrease supply of love because of high demand (in consequence of which it is predicted that the price of love will increase to double from one to two hearts and yet Islam allows for four) and government may impose tax on the activities of love, due to increasing trade deficit, you will have to think about my proposal.

 This is a hypothesis of mine which can be converted into the theory if you marry and we may create a model. Now, you must accept my proposal because you are a big fan of models.

                                                                                                                        Only yours,

                                                                                                                        Allocator of love in a better way