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‘A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts,” “posts” or “entries”. A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”. A blog comprises text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to video, audio and other files). Blogs use a conversational style of documentation. Often blogs focus on a particular “area of interest”, such as Washington, D.C.’s political goings-on. Some blogs discuss personal experiences.’

Bloggers are basically content providers who provide different kind of information they have free of cost. They don’t charge any subscription or fee for the content they are offering to reader or downloader. Then how do they make money?

Their revenue model for the bloggers is advertisement revenue model. They attract readers towards their blog by providing them content of their blog and place the ads of different advertisers and as someone hits their blog their page rank increases and the revenue generates. The most popular advertisers are Google ad sense program and Yahoo advertisement program. To earn handsomely from a blog you need huge traffic on your particular blog and it take time and considerable effort to attract readers to a blog. Some people maintain personal or amateur blog; the purpose of which is not to make money but to share something or building a personal diary.

The benefits of owning a blog are that you may earn handsomely through the blog and be self employed. Beside the cost to own, maintain and run a blog is very much low. The blog provider provides you software which you may download from their website free of cost and that software provides you graphical user interface through which you can update or submit posts without having knowledge or experience of html, xml, php or other programming languages which are used to build a websites. The popular blog providers are and Moreover, a blog has more search engine visibility and preference. You enter a post and it can be seen in a search engine just in some hours. People may share their experiences and build a community through blogs. The reader or user may post his comments on the content provided thus the blog provides two ways communications letting the blogger know how much he is successful in meeting the requirements and needs of the reader or visitor. The visitor may ask for some information through this channel.

There are certain demerits of blogging that you need considerable time (at least one year) to build traffic and stream of income and the blog must be updated regularly within the shortest possible time spam. There are piracy and copyright issues which the bloggers often violate and provide content which is copyright protected or just copy the content of others. Blogging can sometimes have unforeseen consequences in politically sensitive areas. Blogs are much harder to control than broadcast or even print media. As a result, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes often seek to suppress blogs and/or to punish those who maintain them. No authority exists to exercise check and control on the activities of bloggers.

The popular blogs are:

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Social Evils

Social evils are the bad habits or activities that take root in the society and cause harm not only to the person who is involved in these activities but also the people who are related to him or live around him. Pakistan is a developing country characterized by rising poverty which is said to be the mother of all evils but apart from that there are social trends, customs, norms and practices are more harmful for the mankind than the poverty related issues. Let’s discuss both briefly: Poverty leads towards a gap between poor and rich and this gap get widen and the poor becomes poorer and rich, richer. This situation leads the poor people towards frustration and to get normal they harm their own self or sometimes society. Thus, this frustration leads the young people towards the addiction of drugs or crimes. They start smuggling, commit thefts to snatch their so called right and this leads towards societal insecurity and safety problems. People are killed and robbed and the concept of welfare state is destroyed. Moreover, pressure of rising inflation and the social inequality, where people see their fellow citizens using luxuries lead poor people toward the evil of bribery which is common feature of the public sector offices in Pakistan. This increases the greed of the people taking bribery and the whole machinery of the public administration get corrupted which is the case in Pakistan. The frustrated people seek refuge under the shelter of drugs and the healthy nation get close towards the doom of destruction. This situation is very much common in Pakistan where unemployment is on the peak and without reference or bribery the good jobs cannot be secured and the tired and frustrated educated representative of the young nation starts taking drugs. This story do not ends here. The children are abolished to go to school and are forced to work for their livelihood. The work conditions and wage rates for such children are shamefully worst. Yet they are forced to do the work like beasts. Due to poverty fathers cannot afford another social evil that is ‘Jahez’ and the poor daughter remains unmarried and sometimes commits suicide by taking poison or burning themselves and if unfortunately she gets married she has to live with taunts or her in laws kills her and simply say that “the stove get blasted”. Moreover, she is tortured for the doings she never committed in her life. The women have been the subjected to the social evils before the Islam was spread on the earth. The Arabs use to bury their daughter alive. But in case of Pakistan this tradition seems to be prevailing in other ways. ‘Karo Kari’ is an old tradition prevailing in the Sindh province of Pakistan according to which when a man and women are found suspected to have relations the tribal ‘Jurga’ may give the verdict to kill them both even if the suspected crime could not be proved, which is against the morality and humanity. Moreover, to secure the property for the male heirs the female heirs are forced to marry with The Holy Quran which is outrageous and neither Islam nor the law enforced in the country allows such doings. Apart from the explicitly seen evils of society, well published by the media, other behaviors of the people living in the society of Pakistan also can be considered as evil. There seems to be a change in the behaviors and actions of the people living here, which is making them selfish and greedy. A well known concept of individualism imported from western countries, which is me, me, me and only me behavior which indicates towards the behavior of people seeing themselves an individual not the part of wider society. It is only ones profit that matters even if it is for the cost of other’s life. Industrialists here in Pakistan do not take the necessary measures to dispose off the wastes of their plants because these measures are costly and let the airs and waters of the country pollute that affect on the health of people. In general nobody believes the concepts of right and wrong. We are losing our values where children do not have time for old parents or grandparents and the core values of honesty, tolerance, empathy and respect are being violated. In context of Pakistan, religious extremism has lead towards many problems people do not know the true spirit of Islam and commit unjustified acts like suicide bomb blasts and terrorist activities to destabilize the political and social environment of the country. Moreover, there are religious grouping like Shiyyah and Sunni who keep rowing each other. The main reason for such thing is mainly lack of education and political and social awareness. People do not know their rights and others powerful people exploit them. This situation is very much severe in the less developed and feudal controlled areas of Pakistan. The feudal lords intentionally restrict the development of their governed areas as to the basic facilities of education, infrastructure and utilities. Feudal lord is considered the owner of not only the lands of that area but also the life of people living under his vicinity. Then there are so called festivals and functions which do not relate to Pakistan as Basant and Mehndi. People spoil a lot of money on these occasions for nothing and cause harm for society. During the festival of Basant a lot of innocent people are killed or get injured. Mehndi creates the sense of inequality among the society. The key question is here to ask our self. Where are we going? Have any of us has contributed towards the eradication of these evils? But we don’t waste our time on such things and say it’s the responsibility of government. But, what’s our responsibility? To elect that government who do not listens to their people after they are elected? It is another social evil. Not taking the responsibility for our surroundings. When a business man is required to cope up with all environmental and social issue which we call his social responsibility why don’t we take initiatives to make a better Pakistan, to educate the people of Pakistan about their rights, values and their potential.

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Regional Economic Integration

Regional economic integration is the trade unification between the states of a region by partially or fully abolishing the custom tariffs on the trade taking place between these states. That result is the evolution of a single market place where free flow of products or factors of production is possible with no or limited costs.

The concept came into being after unification of the colonies of Cape, Natal, Transvaal and the Orange Free State under the name of Union of South Africa in 1910. Afterwards in 1951 another example of regional economic integration was formed by the name of European Steel and Coal Community. It was a six nation international organization created to unify the Western Europe during the period of cold war by creating a common market for steel and coal. This organization laid the foundations for the European Union. The objectives of these early examples of regional economic integration were to provide welfare to the people and boost up trade and GDP.

The economic integration between regions is a process that starts from establishing the formal trade relationships with in that region and with passage of time other trade barriers are removed thus providing a common and uniform market of the region and if this process further gets developments that might result in economic, monetary and financial integration and then up to the maximum of political integration.

This integration might be very beneficial for the whole region but still there are certain barriers to that integration, which may be the lack of technical and operational capabilities of that country. Moreover, people of a country might be reluctant towards this change to increased competition in the home market, loss of control and sovereignty of the local government. Moreover, ongoing management and administration issues might also surface. So a careful understanding and analysis is necessary to opt for the option to integrate regionally.

The most common example of this integration is European Union which is the economic and political union of 27 states formed by the Treaty of Maastricht on November 1, 1993. Out of these 27 states 16 have common currency. European Union is said to be the best example of legal, monetary, financial and economic integration in the world. There are other examples as well like Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) formed at August 8, 1967 by 5 states of that region and its members are now increased to 10. The growth prospects of the ASEAN are very good. Then there is South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) consisting 8 members of South Asia. It was formed on December 8, 1985. This alliance is not very much functional due to clashes of the member countries. Then there is an example of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which is formally a trade block of USA, Canada and Mexico. This agreement came into force on January 1, 1994. These developments in the second half of 20th century have reshaped the concept of regional integration a lot.

There integrations have casted a strong effect on how the business was done in these regions as well as on the globe. These evolutions of these integrations have increased the business opportunities of the corporation but on the other side the local industry suffers as there large companies put the competitive pressure on the local industry. The cultural and traditional values of the countries of these integrations are reshaped and in some case the country losses control and sovereignty. On the other hand political and economic consensus and cooperation increases and the fruits of greater good are reaped by all the participating economies.


The phrase “World has become a global village” is very common now a days. The multinationals also stress upon “Think global”. These concepts relates to the globalization process that refers towards an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and execution. The concept was first described by Charles Taze Russell in 1897 but the term was widely used after 1960s.

There were four aspects of globalization as indicated by the presenters i.e. economic aspects are the economic integration of the world economies that is said to lead the world toward prosperity and economic excellence. Environmental aspects such as global warming etc also lead to the unification of the world to think about the whole world about environmental issues. Political aspects of the globalization stress upon the cross country political cooperation and understanding of other political systems of the globe and the last cultural and social aspects of the globalization relate to the understanding of the other cultural norms and social patterns.

The history of the globalization is very much old indeed starting from the colonizing the people in other regions of the world as the British did. Australia and America were colonies of the Europe in the beginning. Moreover, golden Islamic age also laid the foundation for the globalization as the Muslim traders and preachers travelled across the world to trade and spread their ideology. In British Empire the East India Company and various other companies exploited the potential and richness of the sub continent but this thing also contributed towards the concept of globalization. After World War II, the evolution of the global financial institution such as IMF and World Bank also led towards the unification of the world. The recent developments include the inauguration of WTO and European Union.

The things contributed towards the globalization also include free trade areas under different treaties as NAFTA, SAFTA etc; evolution of the custom unions and alliances; development of common markets and economic unions. European Union is the most popular example of all this.

The global institutions supporting this concept are WTO main function of which is to liberalize trade, elimination of various quotas and settlement of trade disputes among the countries of the world; and IMF which formed 1944 as result of Bretton woods conference to oversee the monitory issues of the world and supporting the under developed countries by providing them loans; and UNCTD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development established in 1964 as a permanent intergovernmental body. It is the principal organ of the United Nations General Assembly dealing with trade, investment, and development issues

The most quoted example of the financial and economic integration is European Union which constitutes 27 member countries sharing common currency (for 16 countries), monetary policy, trade mechanism, and foreign policy.

Companies go global because they want to be reactive as to respond to the low trade barriers, customer demand in global market, local competition etc or some companies adopt proactive approach to exploit growth opportunities, economies of scale and recourse assess and cost saving such as utilizing the cheap labor force.

The hurdles faced by the globalization process on its way are political and regulatory constraints of each country, currency and market differences, cultural and social disparity, ethical and environmental perspectives which largely are country specific.

Some talk about the fruits of the globalization that can be reaped in the shape of economic and political excellence and other have some reservation regarding the destructive effects of the globalization on the world as it is argued that the all upsides are for the developed countries who are so called drivers of the globalization, moreover the biased role of the IMF and World Bank toward the less developed courtiers also raise the question. Some people are of the view that bubble of the globalization is a conspiracy of the Jews to take over the world and its resources which are concentrated in less developed Muslim countries.